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    My name is Sarah, I’m a Conservationist, Artist, Writer and Photographer.  I have made this website to contain all my online blogs in one place for my own reference and as information for others that may find them useful.  I am passionate about our oceans and protecting them. I’m also an active Marine Conservation Area Volunteer in Polzeath.


    I love photography and travel, to see new places, meet new people and learn new things.  I want to protect our environment and preserve all the things that are beautiful, bizarre, amazing, that I haven’t seen yet, that I want my children to see and that I think future generations have a right to see.


    I hate wastage and the unsustainable throw away lifestyle that a lot of people live today.  I enjoy making new from old and have a good eye for recycling and inventing lovely new things from what other people might consider rubbish.  One of my favourite things to recycle is glass.  I love the different colours that it makes when light shines through it, its reflective powers and similarities to water and I enjoy recycling it into new things such as windows or jewellery, as you will see in some of my blogs.


    My vision for the future is a world that lives sustainably.  I want for us all to work together to reverse the damage that we have done to this precious environment and delicately balanced super-ecosystem that sustains us all.  Afterall, everything is connected, we can all do a little to help.


    Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you share my passions and enjoy some of my blogs.  This project will grow over time, I hope you will visit me from time to time.  I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, all of which you will find links for here.


    One of the most important things is that we always keep dreaming.